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Terms & Conditions 


The below terms and conditions refer to the Guests (as defined below) interested in booking a Realign Retreat (hereinafter “Realign Retreats”).

‘Guest’ is referred to ‘You’, the one interested in booking or the one who has already booked a Realign Retreat.

It is the responsibility of the guest to read and understand the terms and conditions of Realign Retreats before booking with Realign Retreats. By accessing this web site, the guest agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, which may be amended from time to time by Realign Retreats.


- Realign Retreats requires a non refundable booking fee of  five hundred (500 euros) in order to reserve a spot.

- Payment. You agree to pay the price of the Retreat as listed on the website and is to be paid at once, not later than ninety (90) days prior to the Retreat start date or in two (2) instalments, in both cases minus the booking fee of 500 euros.

- In case the guest chooses to pay the fee in two (2) instalments, the first (1st) instalment, 50% of the fee, is to be paid no later than ninety (90) days prior to the Retreat start date. The second (2nd) instalment of the fee, (remaining 50%), is due sixty (60) days prior to the Retreat start date.

- The Retreat prices are charged per person and DO NOT include flights.




- “Cancellation” is defined as, the guest not attending a booked Retreat.

- If the guest decides to cancel his/her booked Retreat for any reason, then unfortunately the booking fee of five hundred euro (500 euros) will not be returned.


- Additionally, depending on when the guest cancels, cancellation fees may apply at the sole discretion of Realign Retreats.

If cancellation takes place more than sixty (60) days prior to the Retreat start date, then any payments made will be refunded, minus the five hundred euro (500 euros) booking fee.

If cancellation takes place less than sixty (60) days prior to the Retreat start date, then unfortunately, the fee as well as the booking fee of five hundred euro (500 euros) are not refundable.   

- Realign Retreats does not offer credit for arriving late or leaving early.

Due to Realign Retreats commitments to accommodation and other arrangements in advance, exceptions to Realign Retreats policy cannot be made.


- In case Covid-19 travel restrictions apply at the time of the retreat, prohibiting guests from travelling to Greece, any amounts paid will be fully refundable.



- If Realign Retreats must cancel a scheduled Retreat due to low participation, the guest is entitled to transfer the full payment to another scheduled Realign Retreat or request a full refund of amount paid including the booking fee.

- If Realign Retreats is unable to perform a scheduled Retreat due to circumstances beyond its decision or control or unforeseen circumstances and must cancel a scheduled Retreat, no refund shall be granted and all payments will be credited in the form of a voucher valid for two (2) years from cancellation date of the Retreat.

- Realign Retreats is not responsible for any expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled Retreat such as accommodation, airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for the trip. 

- In case Covid-19 travel restrictions apply and Realign Retreats must cancel the scheduled retreat, any amounts paid will be credited in the form of a voucher valid for two (2) years from cancellation date of the Retreat.


- Realign Retreats reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary to the Retreats.

- Realign Retreats holds the right to replace the Retreat teacher/s (yoga teacher/s, wellness expert/s) in case of illness, sickness or any other emergency of force majeure reason and there is no refund in this case.

- Realign Retreats holds the right to change the premises (villa, hotel, venue), where the Retreat takes place due to any emergency circumstances.

- Realign Retreats holds the right to change the activities of the Retreat (e.g. hiking, workshops, boat trip), in case of illness, sickness, weather or any other emergency of force majeure reason. Realign Retreats will do the very best to adjust to the circumstances and act promptly for the benefit of the guests.


- No Guarantees. Realign Retreats makes no guarantees that you will get any specific results from your participation in the Retreat. We do promise that we will try our best to do everything to ensure you have the most wonderful experience.




- Ownership of Materials. All the content that we have provided to you, including but not limited to videos, documents and PDFs, are for your use only and are not to be re-distributed or re-used. 


- Media Release. You understand that Realign Retreats may use photos, audio or video of you as a means to document, share and promote Realign Retreats and the Retreat. Please let us know if you do not want us to share any media of you and we will happily refrain from doing so. Please know any such sharing will be used for marketing and promotional purposes only.



- Mandatory Insurance. You must obtain travel insurance that covers your participation in the activities on the Retreat. We also highly recommend that your insurance covers things like cancellation charges, medical expenses and loss of items. You will be required to provide a copy of your travel insurance before you will be permitted to begin participation in the Retreat.  

- Passports, Visas, and other Documents. It is your responsibility to obtain a valid passport, visa, and necessary certificates for any country to be visited in connection with a Realign Retreat.


- COVID-19 Requirements. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you follow all of the host location’s COVID=19 protocols, including those required for travel into and within the host country. This includes following all vaccination, social distancing, masking, and any other requirements.




- Retreat Waiver. Before you can participate in the Retreat, you must sign our Retreat Waiver Agreement form if we send it to you. Please read it and make sure you understand it. You need to sign that form as well as this Agreement so that we can be absolutely sure you understand and agree to it.


- Guests agree that Realign Retreats shall not be liable, whatsoever, of any act or omission of the yoga teacher/s, wellness expert/s, accommodation venue and/or any other third-party service providers and its employees, associates, subcontractors and agents.

- The guest acknowledges that during the Retreat he/she participates voluntarily in any and all activities of the Retreat arranged by Realign Retreats and/or any other third-party service providers, and insofar as legally permissible, surrender his/her right to any cause of action against Realign Retreats arising from any, whatsoever, loss, damage or cost incurred to a person or property that occurs during a Retreat.

- The guest hereby waives, releases and discharges from and against any and all liability from his/her participation in a Retreat and in any and all activities arranged by Realign Retreats and/or other third party service providers, including but not limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of Realign Retreats and/or its employees and/or its collaborators and/or its subcontractors, for the guest’s death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to him/her including his/her trip to and from activities arranged by Realign Retreats and/or other third party service providers.

- The guest hereby agrees to be responsible for his/her own welfare and accept any and all risks of delay, unanticipated events, inconvenience, illness, injury, emotional trauma or death.

Realign Retreats does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to the guest’s personal items, and/or for any injuries occurred before, during or after a Retreat nor for any damages occurred at the premise (villa, hotel, venue) where the Realign Retreats takes place or at any other third party service providers such as sailing boats, workshops etc.

The guest agrees that this clause shall be legally binding upon the guest personally and all members of his/her family, assignors and heirs.


The Guest hereby certifies that he/she is physically fit and has not been advised to not participate, by any means or in any manner, in any such activity arranged by the retreat hosts by a qualified medical professional. The Guest hereby certifies that there are no health-related reasons or problems, which preclude the Guest’s participation in any and all activities arranged by the retreat hosts.

By booking into a Realign Retreat the guest hereby certifies that he/she has read and fully understood the present terms and conditions, and he/she is fully aware that there is a release of liability included, he/she accepts all terms and conditions and  agrees of his/her own free will to all terms and conditions and applicable policies above. If the guest does not agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions, he/she is not permitted to participate in any Realign Retreats.

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