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Our Mission

Realignment that lasts:

a retreat you can take home with you

Realignment is an ongoing journey, not a destination. Our retreats aren’t just a temporary escape to Grecian paradise (although they are that, too). We thoughtfully craft every themed retreat so that you take tangible benefits and tools home with you, and weave them into your daily life moving forward. Think healthy habits, soul-enriching memories, beautiful friendships and a new daily rhythm.

The realign retreats values


A safe space 

An immersive approach


We all live busy lives and finding a slower, more natural rhythm very often takes time! We know and want to invite you to connect to yourself and align to your true needs but by totally respecting your personal pace. We get that each and everyone of us is different and have created a safe space where you get to decide which retreat experiences you want to participate in. Someone might need that extra hiking excursion for more nature connection whereas another wants to chill by the pool with their favourite book. We understand and would never judge. The opposite.  

The human body and mind is interconnected and an immersive approach to wellbeing has true meaning. All of our retreats include four daily pillars: daily movement led by our world class experts, daily nature encounters in the form of astonishing hikes or breathtaking boat trips, daily nourishing food that will never leave you feeling hungry as well as nurturing togetherness through our retreat workshops (such as journaling or up cycling). Immersion is not just a fancy word for us but the foundation of all of our retreats! 


A journey towards
more flow 

We understand that by attending a retreat, you get a bigger than usual dose of self-care. Getting your flow & glow back will come from connecting more to yourself and the environment around you. In other words, feeling present with your self, your needs and aspirations in life. Going back home more in tune to yourself and implementing more daily acts of self care will come naturally. You will want to take that extra weekend walk in nature, move your body more than the usual and reach out to a friend for a meaningful and honest conversation. Or even try that food recipe you so much loved during your retreat. Eventually these small acts of love will be this that level up your personal wellbeing journey. A journey that will always evolve, will always flow. 

Your local host,
Elena Falida 


Hi! I’m Elena, pilates instructor,
founder and host of Realign Retreats. 


I grew up in Greece, but currently live in the fast-paced bustle of cosmopolitan Paris with my two sons and husband. Despite the fact that I’ve now lived away from Greece longer than the years I spent growing up there, I still feel connected to the Ionian Islands on a soul-deep level. That’s what makes my approach to retreat hosting different: I experience the locations as both a knowledgeable local and an awe-inspired tourist combined. 


Through my passion for sharing the culture, food, landscape and lush green beauty of the Ionian Islands, I curate sustainable wellness experiences with one goal in mind: to provide everything women need to realign with themselves. 


The constant crowds of Paris and the fast pace of modern life led me to curate the first Realign Retreat on the beautiful island of Zakynthos. It’s safe to say, I haven't looked back since. I’m so excited to welcome on your journey to becoming more grounded, centred and present: join me on the next Realign Retreat, or reach out for a chat if you’d like to know more. 

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