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Our Mission

'Self-care is not self-indulgence; it is self-preservation' Audre Lorde

Realign Retreats is for anyone looking for a life enhancing experience vacation in Greece with lasting benefits. Our mission is dedicated to help you disconnect from the world and REALIGN with your truest self, your body and your soul so that at the end of your program you will feel strong and streamlined, centered and relaxed, fortified with energy. Each retreat has a theme and varies in the guidance of movement practices, creative workshops and chefs, all of which are adjusted according to location and season. We understand that by attending a retreat, you get a bigger dose of health & wellness than usual. Our retreats, are designed to inspire you to connect more to your self and the environment around you so that upon your return, you implement more small acts of self care and eventually level up your personal wellbeing journey. 



We all live busy lives and finding a slower, more natural rhythm very often takes time. We invite you to connect to yourself and align to your true needs. We respect that each and everyone of us is different, thus have created a balanced program of 'me time' and other activities that you are free to adjust accordingly.



We strongly believe that the human body and mind is interconnected and an immersive approach to wellbeing has true meaning. All of our programs are carefully curated so that they include daily movement, daily nature encounters, daily nourishing and nurturing Mediterranean food as well as daily meaningful connections, that will ultimate lead to true realignment and restoration of the self​.



During our retreats we aim to help you focus on your self, to connect to your true needs and enjoy the things that really matter in life. Not only have we done all the planning for you before your arrival but additionally, we are dedicated to support and nurture while guiding you to achieve your personal self care goals​ during your stay.

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