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We know that being part of a retreat is an experience that will change your life, and want to make sure you have all the information you need. Below are some of our frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers to get you started.


When is the best time to visit Greece? 

Greece enjoys glorious weather with uninterrupted sunshine and high temperatures from late April to early October. In case you would like to avoid the crowds drawn in by summer, try visiting a retreat in late spring or early autumn, when you can still enjoy the Greek sunshine and all the country with less crowds to share the beauty with.

How do I get there?

In 2024 we are running retreats in two locations. The closest airport when traveling to Euphoria Resort in Mystras, in the Peloponnese, is Kalamata airport (KLX). Its is less than an hour away by car. Group airport pick-ups and drop-offs will take place for this retreat. For the retreat taking place in Zakynthos island, then check the airport in Zakynthos (ZTH). 

Can I come alone?

All of the Realign Retreats are open to both solo and group travellers. You can expect to have a balance between 'me time' to explore all the facilities, activities and treatments and a community based setting where you will get to connect with a like minded group of people.

Do I need any experience to join?

Our retreats are open to all levels. Your yoga or pilates instructor, is trained to accommodate different individual needs. In fact, they aim to help every participant reach their personal goals via individual hands on attention and a personalised experience as much as possible. Also, all classes and activities are voluntary, remember this is your self-care time!

More Questions?

During our retreats we aim to help you focus on your self, to connect to your true needs and enjoy the things that really matter in life. Not only have we done all the planning for you before your arrival but additionally, we are dedicated to support you during your stay. Please feel free to CONTACT US with additional questions you might have. 

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