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Healing Flows
of the Pelo
June 2023 - Euphoria Resort 

THE LOCATION: Euphoria is in Mystras, on the Peloponnese, a part of Greece that’s every bit as beautiful as the islands with a fraction of the crowds. The town is a leafy square surrounded by cafes and charming houses sagging with vines and where fresh water pours out from underground caves. Euphoria resort is built into the foot of a wooded mountain behind the town and is unmarked, since the town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

THE MORNINGS: Each morning we went for a group hike—one day it was the Trypi springs, a walk through the woods to a waterfall that was so clear you could count the pebbles. On another, it was a hike through a steep wooded gorge along a ledge that was so narrow and thrillingly unprotected. What an energising start of our day. Back at Euphoria, we alternated between lazing in the spa’s many (usually empty) spaces (tepidarium, salt room) and hands-on treatments. Most memorable: a Turkish hammam where I was loofahed with giant clouds of black-soap suds, and classes like “Free Your Voice,” in which a Greek drama teacher taught us to breathe from parts of the body we never imagined could respire. 

ME TIME: Because the building backs onto a wooded mountain, it was also pleasant to just sit on the terrace of our room with a book and let the raucous chirp of the cicadas and the warm herbaceous breeze lull us into a nap. 

Zakynthos Island
Flow Retr
October 2023 - Private Villa

THE LOCATION: Zakynthos island (Zante) is the Southernmost island of the Greek Ionian Sea. It is known for its stunning cliff views, crystal clean water, sandy beaches and endangered species caretta caretta sea turtles that come to nest their eggs every summer in the South of the island. Its most famous beach is the Shipwreck beach which we got to discover from above in a one life-time hiking breath taking excursion, while the crystal clear blue-turquoise sea was there for us to explore and make us feel fully alive and connected to stunning island nature. We felt as if we almost had the island to ourselves. 

OUR YOGA JOURNEY: Each day opened with a morning Vinyasa yoga class that started gently with breathing exercises and build up to a dynamic, creative flow. The focus throughout the week was on quality of movement and the pairing of breath to movement but also play and exploration. The theme of the practice changed depending on the day whereas Yin yoga sessions were kept for our evenings and passive poses were held for longer periods of time with the ultimate goal being relaxation & restoration.  

OUR HIKING: Hiking with Spyros was an enriching experience. It was not only walking in nature, it was also listening to stories about the flora and fauna of the island, the villages, the saints and the myths that go with them. We walked along rural and mountainous paths and enjoyed the fine perfume of thyme, anise, peppercorn and other indigenous plants. We got the chance to taste the vivid red strawberry tree berry (Arbutus Unedo) while walking to the top – that was the best energy bite! A great view from the top – the fresh breeze and rays of sun pampered us and eased our way – not far from the island Peloponnesus was clearly visible. Plenty of photo opportunities and a way for the group to get to know each other better.

ANNA C.: "we had a wholesome time in a special place surrounded by raw landscapes of the island. Daily Yoga practice, and gorgeous local veggie meals to taste. We got time for stillness, quietness, some reflection, fun and excitement. Thank you for organizing this beautiful retreat!"

JUSTINE C.: "beautifully organized with brilliant vegan food and lovely combination of yoga and hiking around beautiful Zakynthos."

Stella P.: "incorporating an activity such an upcycling workshop seemed relevant for a retreat that aims to put nature on the forefront and it was so much unexpected fun. We all have so many yoga leggings that might not fit any more, or that might have usual tear and wear signs on them. Turning them into something useful instead of tossing them away was extremely satisfying. Loved the conversations around this sustainable practice too!"

Helena D: " my favourite time during my retreat was on the terrace of Euphoria resort in the Peloponnese peninsula which has a view over the Spartan plain. It is a vision of olive groves accompanied by the jingling of goat bells. Time would stop right there and I would finally dive in the present moment. Thank you for curating this wonderful wellness experience!"

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