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The Graceful Movement Retreat

Experience yoga, pilates, and self-care to recharge and align mind, body, and spirit. The ultimate pre-summer holistic getaway awaits!

October Retreat

Curated Greek wellness

At the end of our retreats prepare to feel strong and streamlined, centered and relaxed, fortified with energy. You will be ready to go back to your daily life feeling more connected to yourself and the environment around you. A better version of yourself.  


Mind Body Movement

Yoga, pilates
& meditation 

​Movement can be easy, yet hard. One pose or exercise seems straightforward and then the next requires a joint effort – both mind and body need to be alert. Our certified yoga & pilates instructors, make everything look effortless and at the same time make sure to break everything down and give you tricks and personalised tips on how to go into the harder yoga & pilates poses, and support you through this journey of connection. Connecting the mind and body while nourishing the soul. The sound of the wind. The sound of running water. Birds and cicadas singing. Domestic animals calling each other. That is your daily soundtrack. Relaxing and real. Calling you, to sit back and immerse in Greek nature.

Ionian Islands & the Peloponnese

 Lush green nature & turquoise water

With their slightly cooler climate, abundant olive, cypress trees, and forested mountains, the Ionian Islands are a lighter, greener variation on the Greek template. Venetian, French and British occupiers have all helped to shape the islands’ architecture, culture and astonishing cuisine, and contributed to the unique feel of Ionian life. Visiting the Ionian Islands off-season gives you 100% satisfaction. By picking low-season months, our retreats are exactly what they are supposed to be: the communion of kind and curious minds, the movement practice, the island sounds and smells, home cooked recipes with local flavours and our much-needed dose of a luxury setup. Not because luxury is a must in itself, but it can help our minds and heart unravel and relax better. Because beauty and minimalism are two of the things that can give a busy mind some rest.


Authentic Food

A local plant forward experience

A retreat is meant to provide a safe place for inner work. A retreat must be food for the soul. But there will be also real food, from fresh local produce. Everything is cooked from scratch, with a Greek homemade touch aiming to nurture your soul and your body as well as your curiosity! Expect a plant forward family style table experience where we all gather to create the best memories together. 

What's included


Sleep soundly in beautiful accommodation


Move your body with daily practices by our experts


Nourish yourself with fresh local Mediterranean food

Sustainable Local Experiences 

Immerse yourself in enriching group activities

Yoga & Pilates Equipment

Use everything you need to enhance your practice

May 2022 Retreat: Contact

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